segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

Gaga, Palmer, Madonna

She is a part of the music continuum
And she's a part of this difficult world
And she wears outfits made of aluminium
She is a 23
She is a 23
She is a 23 and a half year-old girl
I am a part of the music continuum
And i'm a part of this difficult world
I'm often naked and play the accordion
I am a 33
I am a 33
I am a 33 and a half year-old girl
She is part of the music continuum
And also part of this difficult world
She was the first one to often have no clothes on
She is not 53
She's only 50
But i used her anyway
'cause she fits well in this song
Art is great - that way you can do anything
You can make pop music
You can paint ducks
But if you're a pop artist and you're a woman
Than it's much more likely that
People will say your art sucks
Making pop music isn't for everyone
Actually that's bullshit, it technically is
That's why it's pop music,
Now i've confused myself
I'm gonna start a new verse and i'll say it like this
Some artists focus on love and simplicity
Some artists focus on fashion and fame
Then sometimes some artists try to do everything
Which is impossible
I think those people are brave
Art is simple,
Just ask andy warhol
If he weren't dead he would tell you the truth
Call it a masterpiece
Call it a urinal
It doesn't matter
It's art so there's nothing to prove
I'm not sure what the point of this song is
And i know this song doesn't actually have to have
Any point at all
Even good rhymes in it
Like lady gaga and also madonna
I'm just trying to entertain people, make a living and pay my rent, without having to get a job i hate and hopefully find an audience who'll love and accept me and not think i'm a narcissist for wanting to be a performer and find true inner peace and that's it
Now a question to further our dialogue
Is all art real art and is pop art art?
If someone talented wants to make pop music
Why should we worry when there's so much other shit wrong?

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